Good Old-Fashioned Veggies?

Okay, I am about to tell you a secret that I have been hiding from the world.  While, I pride myself in being a health nut…  Drumroll please…


That’s it.  That’s my deep dark secret.  I don’t like eating my veggies.  Now, I know that vegetables are one of the most important foods in a healthy balanced diet, but I can’t deny my loathing for them.  I have tried to make sure I eat a good salad every day, but since dumping fatty Ranch dressing on top to disguise the taste pretty much eliminates the good of the salad anyway, what’s the point? 

Recently, I have found my answer to getting the vegetables I need without sacrificing my desire to stay away from evil Ranch dressing or just sucking it up and eating them raw.  I can just add vegetables to foods I like!

Seriously, I now add vegetables to smoothies, waffles, casseroles, rice, beans, you name it.  I never eat anything without vegetables!  Now you might be thinking that this sounds much more disgusting than just eating my vegetables the way they were intended to be eaten.  This is actually not the case at all.

Here is how I do it.  I stick an entire bag of fresh spinach leaves and a whole head of kale into my food processer and blend it all up into tiny pieces.  Then I add it to whatever I eat.  Yep, it’s that simple and I can’t even taste it when I’m through!  Now I probably get more veggies into my system with my morning smoothie than I ever did eating salad. 

Goodbye, Ranch dressing.  Hello, good old-fashioned veggies.

~E, a skinny fat girl

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  1. Not so skinny obese girl

     /  May 27, 2011

    I am not “skinny” obese just plain obese. But I am working hard to eat well and be healthy. Health is the most important thing to me. i am looking forward to following your recipes and personal struggles and will share some of mine along the way. Way to go guys.

    • skinnyfatgirls

       /  May 27, 2011

      Hey but you’re a hottie! 🙂 Love you mum! Hope you keep reading.


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