Another tiny step…

As I am making all kinds of positive changes in my life, I find that I must give up quite a few old loves.  One of these loves is juice.  Orange juice, grape juice, cranberry juice, I love them all (except for veggie juices. *See my last blog entry).   You see, juice, as you may already know, is full of extra calories and sugar.  Just take a look at a carton of orange juice – 27 GRAMS OF SUGAR!

If you are shocked, just think of it this way, it takes about four oranges to make one, just ONE, cup of juice.  Now you can probably imagine eating one orange a day, but four?  Probably not.

So I resolved to replace my juice drinking habits with better water drinking ones.  Now the one problem I encountered is that after I come home from exercising pretty hardcore, I find that I crave something a little more flavorful to quench my thirst. 

My solution?  Iced tea.

I find that I love fruit flavored iced tea almost just as much as I loved juice.  I personally like the “Fruit Tea Sampler” from Celestial Seasonings so I can combine to my heart’s desire.  This week I mixed “Country Peach Passion” and “Raspberry Zinger” together and sweetened it lightly with agave nectar.  The great thing about these teas is that they are caffeine free (so you can drink them at any time of day) and all-natural, which is a must.  I find that it is just the right amount of flavor with virtually no sugar or calories (there is a little sugar and calories in the agave nectar, but as long as you don’t overdo it).

So there it is – another tiny step in the right direction.

-E, a skinny fat girl and recovering juice-o-holic

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