Nothing Fits Anymore!!!

No, I didn’t fall off the wagon.  My clothes are too big!  That’s right, folks, I have made major leaps toward my fitness goals.  Since it has been so long since I’ve blogged, let me give you a brief outline and update of my journey so far.

The Beginning:  When I posted the first blog entry, I weighed 138.8 pounds.  While I didn’t look horrible in clothes, I was not at my prime fitness.  On good weeks, I exercised 2 times a week.  My diet wasn’t horrible, but it was not the best either.  I would binge and overeat on occasion and I was constantly struggling with bloating and weight fluctuations. 

The Intermission:  I started running everyday and eating a lot healthier.  At first I didn’t see any results and got frustrated, but then I increased my water intake and lost a few pounds right away.  I finally got down to 132.  My weight goal was to get under 130 and stay consistently under that point.  Those last two pounds were stubborn.  I had begun running 2-4 miles, 5 times a week.  Even though I had not reached my weight goals, I was feeling so much better and had much more energy.

The Present:  For the last two weeks, I have weighed consistently between 126.2 and 126.8.  I have not been this skinny since I was a teenager!  I was told that I probably wouldn’t fit into my wedding dress after a year of marriage.  I guess, they were right, mine is too large!  I still have some toning to do, but I am feeling awesome!  The best part about this experience is that I’m no longer afraid of food.  Before I would eat food that was bad for me and hate myself for it!  I have finally found the right balance for my life, my health, and my body.  I don’t feel out of control or deprived, I feel in control and empowered!  Now, I need to stop here because I really could gush on and on about how great I feel, but I think you get my point. 

I will post some more useful blogs soon, but I had to share my excitement a little bit. 

Until next time,

~E, a skinny (not so) fat (anymore) girl.

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