La Cocina

I have an announcement. A fantastic and indescribably exciting announcement (are you sitting down?) – I have my own kitchen!!!

After a month of backbreaking, manual labor, my darling husband and I finally moved out of my mother’s attic and into a place of our very own. While I’ll miss being viciously attacked on a daily basis by my little brother’s weiner dog (sense the heavy sarcasm here, guys), the move has been entirely beneficial. We’re on two beautiful acres and have never had so much freedom and privacy. We have a big porch with a swing. We have an old-fashioned bathtub. We have bunnies.

But my kitchen takes the cake. While I enjoy the company of my mom and brothers, I practically live in the kitchen and it’s very hard to do my own thing in there with so many other people doing their own thing. I no longer have to get upset about other people’s messes, unwashed dishes, or food being left out. I no longer have to separate my food from everyone else’s or hide treats so my brother doesn’t eat them. I no longer have to compete with my mom for counter space, appliances, or burners on the stove.

But probably the most magnificent thing about having my very own kitchen is that I got to choose the color. We painted over the 30-year-old stained, dingy wallpaper with a hue called “wildflower honey”. The room is now bright as a lemon, well stocked with olive oil and mangoes, and, quite simply, the happiest place on earth. Disneyworld’s got nothin’ on my kitchen. It’s not fancy or modern, but it’s all mine. This is where the magic happens! I’ve already concocted lots of healthy, delicious food in there, with much more to come.

Sorry it's so terribly blurry, but I wanted to give y'all a good look at the before and after. The hubs and I worked hard!

Bad photo quality, but you get the idea...

Still have some decorating to do. My super-awesome-incredibly-talented-photographer-sister-in-law is gonna take some great shots of fruits and veggies for me (surprisingly, the hubs's idea! he saw it on a home decorating show, haha). I plan on framing them and arranging them in that bare spot above the table. I'll post updated pics when it's all beautiful and complete.

So what do you think? It’s too bold for my mom’s taste, but just perfect for me. I wanted the room I spend every waking moment in to make me feel merry and joyous, and it most definitely does! If any of you have any fun and creative kitchen decorating tips, I’d love to hear them…comment away! 🙂

~Becky, the yellowkitchened skinnyfat girl

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  1. skinnyfatgirls

     /  May 29, 2011

    It looks lovely, my dear Becky, and I simply cannot wait to see it in person tomorrow. I can relate, my kitchen is by far my favorite room in my place as well. My times in the kitchen are pure happiness.

    ~Elesha, the other skinnyfat girl


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