Best Ever Memorial Day Picnic!

So, what could two skinnyfat girls, such as ourselves, possibly find to do on a warm Memorial Day? Laundry? Dishes? Jog 20 miles just for the heck of it? Well, yes, but we didn’t!  What did we do?  PICNIC!!!
Skewering the devil out of the pineapple.

I arrived at Becky’s new house early in the afternoon with two huge bags of supplies.  Becky and I chopped and peeled piles of delicious produce.  When the chopping commensed, I slid pineapple, bell peppers, mushrooms, and tofu chunks onto skewers and Becky whipped up a scrumptious chimichurri sauce to dip the kebabs in.  

Then it was time to move all the food outside to the tables and fire up the grill.

Becky’s hubby was the official charcoal master, grilling up our beautiful veggie kebabs, veggie dogs, and turkey dogs.  Absolutely perfect! 

Then it was time to eat! 

Becky and I quite enjoyed the veggie kebabs…

The lovely hostess with her mother and brother.

We worked off all that fantastic food with four games of Capture the Flag. So much fun! When the sun went down, we started a bonfire and roasted corn, potatoes, and marshmallows. It was the best Memorial Day picnic ever!

~Elesha, a skinnyfat girl

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