The Breaking of the Fast

Otherwise known as breakfast. Only instead of breaking a regular overnight fast, my breakfast broke a three-day fast.

You all realize I am in passionate, over-the-moon l-o-v-e with eating, right? Right?!? So how I was able to go 84 hours without food is beyond comprehension. I suppose it helped that I was still consuming calories in the form of fresh fruit and vegetable juice, in fact, I felt stuffed sometimes after drinking my giant green miracle liquid.

Mean Green Health Machine

The hubs and I watched a documentary last weekend about a guy who was fed up with being fat and sick and was desperate to change his life. He kicked his useless doctors to the curb and began a  60-day juice fast. We’re not talkin’ V8 here, people; this was the real deal: raw fruits and vegetables juiced four times a day. By the end he had shed 90 pounds, lowered his cholesterol and blood pressure to normal levels, completely reversed a rare auto-immune disease that had plagued him for years, and rid himself entirely of dozens of prescription pills.

We were inspired. Being less-than-pleased with our eating habits as of late, we decided that a three-day juice fast would be a great way to cleanse our systems and get back on track. And boy, was it ever! My skin cleared up. The hubs had no more itchy scalp and the dry skin on his feet went away (TMI, I know…). It felt so great to fill my body with gigantic doses of vitamins all day.

But I sure did miss eating. I broke my fast with blueberry pancakes, and they’ve never tasted so darn good.

Life has been so hectic lately that I haven’t even had time to cook let alone blog. Correction, I’ve done lots of cooking but it’s all been for family functions. On top of that, we’re about the break the record for most days in a row above 100 degrees EVER, so I’ve kept my oven use to a bare minimum. It doesn’t help that the oven is as old as the hills – I literally have to crawl underneath and light it with a match – and it doesn’t do a very good job of holding the heat in. In fact, setting the oven temperature is like turning the kitchen thermostat to 350.

Next time, a recipe, but for now, sleep. Running at 5 a.m. demands it.

~Becky, a green-juicin’ skinnyfat girl

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