The Shocking Diagnosis

B and I have been close friends since we roomed together our first year of college.  We’ve shared a lot of experiences.  We both started dating our now husbands within months of each other.  Then about 4 years later, we both married our husbands within months of each other.  We also happen to be similar height, weight, and shape.  Recently, we discovered something new that we have in common: 

We’re obese. 

Now, you may be wondering, how is that possible?  Now for those of you who know us, we look like normal, even thin women.  No, you didn’t just read a misprint, both of us are actually clinically obese!  Don’t worry, we were even more surprised than you may be.  How is this possible?  B and I both eat healthy food and exercise regularly.  As far as we knew, we were as healthy as can be.  Sure, we both have had our occasional cheat days, but for the most part we stayed true to our diets and fitness routines and we were healthy, right?  Or so we thought.

Everything changed after we decided to have our body fat measured. What we found was that despite our supposed small/average size and normal weight, our body fat percentages categorize us as obese.  How could this be?  The problem, we learned, is that we were eating too much fruit, too little protein, and not working the weights nearly enough.  Apparently, cardio isn’t everything. Who knew?

Now, B and I have made a commitment to ourselves and to each other that we are going fix our obesity problem head on and we are going to do it together.  We decided to start this blog to chronicle our journey from being skinny fat girls to being healthy and fit skinny girls.  

~ E, a skinny fat girl

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