Vegan “Fast Food” and Gelato

E – After weeks and weeks of pining and tear-shedding, Becky and I finally had a proper girls outing.  Now, of course, the word “proper” in our vocabulary absolutely and unequivocally means that food will be involved.  This trip we decided to try Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine.

B – This place was quaint, but actually left something to be desired. We both got wraps, which were good, but nothing special. We agreed that we could have made something more delicious at home. We’ll probably do that next time! Still, the seitan was tasty and inspired us to work on our own gluten recipes. We each had a side of potato salad that definitely did NOT taste vegan. Again, it was good, but I’m not a huge potato salad fan and wasn’t crazy over it.

E – After the slightly underwhelming lunch, we made our way over the mall and had gelato at Paciugo!  The great thing about Paciugo’s is that the gelato has 70% less fat than regular ice cream because they don’t use cream.  They also have fruit sorbet and vegan options available, but Becky and I weren’t quite so good and went for the real deal.  Everything is made fresh daily with fresh, real ingredients, and you can really tast the difference.  Once you go Paciugo, you will never go back.  Okay, so that was cheesy, but it’s still the truth.

B – While gelato is not healthy by stretch of the imagination, it is still healthier than ice cream.  The Hazelnut Mocha completely reversed any dissatisfaction caused by lunch. We were both silently immersed in our own little gelato worlds for at least five full minutes, which is saying something because we usually can’t shut up.

We took a bunch of regular pics, but I think this one sums up our real feelings.
E – While gelato nearly always makes for a number one moment of any day, I have to say that the very best part of the day was having some good quality togetherness.  Next time we will try to cook something fabulous and share it with all of you!
~Becky and Elesha, skinnyfat girls
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